Wear PRO Compression Athletic Performance Socks at Ragnar Relay Napa Valley

Runners of all abilities can test their limits with a team at this year’s Ragnar Relay Napa Valley. On September 20-21, participants will start in San Francisco, race across the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy the rolling hills and farmland of Petaluma before sprinting into the vineyards of Napa at the finish line.

Ragnar is an overnight running relay race that is approximately 200 miles in distance. Races last two days and one night, with two types of teams participating. Traditional (or ‘normal’) teams consist of 12 runners. Runners are changed at each of the 35 exchange points in the race between the start and finish lines. The team is divided equally into two separate vans (Runners 1-6 in Van 1, runners 7-12 in Van 2), with each van responsible for 6 consecutive legs of the race. Each runner on a traditional team will run a total of approximately 3 to 8 miles on each leg. Ultra teams consist of 6 runners. Each runner is responsible for 3 legs of the race, each of which consists of two or more consecutive race legs. Ultra team members can also choose to run each leg separately if requested.

The rest of the team in the vans will be responsible for supporting their running teammates. As each runner begins, they can drive ahead to cheer on their runner and meet them at the exchange point where they will pick them up and drop off the next runner. After the first 6 legs of the race are complete, the team members in Van 2 will start pounding the pavement. As one van’s team is finishing 6 legs of the race, the other team will drive ahead to the major exchange point to wait for their team members. In replace of a baton, runners will wear a slap bracelet that they will take off and slap onto their teammates wrist at exchange points.

This is all repeated two more times. 

In an effort to finish the race within the allotted time frame, slower teams will begin the race earlier than the faster teams to ensure that all teams finish within a few hours of each other.

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